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Hydrogen Peroxide to Fight Colds and Flu

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During my literature review, I only found a few articles that support the claim for using hydrogen peroxide as a treatment for the cold or flu.  However, I thought I would mention this treatment to you since I have successfully used this treatment for years.  Note: I usually do not see a complete resolution of my symptoms, but there is significant improvement.  I do think this therapy is definitely worth trying since it appears to be effective, safe and inexpensive !!!  

What evidence supports using hydrogen peroxide in the ear for the cold or flu ?
  • According to a Richard Simmons, M.D. in 1928, he stated that in fact cold and flu viruses could enter our body through the ear canal. (Note: Traditionally, we think of viruses initially entering our system only through our nose, throat or lungs where they multiply and eventually cause a systemic infection.)
  • Bacteria and viruses can multiply in the ear (even on headsets which can contaminate the ears). 
  • Apparently, German physicians often treated cold/flu symptoms successfully using this technique for years in the 1930's. 
  • Hydrogen peroxide does have a wide spectrum of antibacterial and viral activity, thus it can kill the common cold and flu viruses upon contact.
What is the procedure ?

  • Thoroughly wash your hands first.
  • Using a dropper, place one or two drops of hydrogen peroxide into one ear. Wait a few minutes at which time the bubbling sound will stop or diminish, drain and repeat with the other ear.  
  • Personally, what I do is get a small piece of a cotton ball and saturate it with hydrogen peroxide then place the small piece of saturated cotton ball in my ear and wait until the bubbling noise is gone (usually about 3-5 minutes).  Then I get a Q-tip or cotton swab and clean-out and dry-out the ear.  Then, I repeat with the other ear.
  • The important thing to remember is that you utilize this method early-on when cold or flu symptoms first appear for maximal benefit.
  • You may need to repeat this process several times a day for the first couple of days.  
  • One thing to point out is that I noticed the bubbling noise is usually only found in the infected ear(s) and when the therapy is completed the bubbling noise no longer exists.
  • Do not try this method if you have a perforated ear drum.

Informational Video by Dr. Mercola that gives some great advice how to treat flu or colds and mentions the hydrogen peroxide ear treatment. 

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